The little details you never want to forget. That newborn scrunch. The kids running wild and free, frolicking in beautiful sun light. Inside jokes that only mean something to you & your people. Dimpled chubby baby hands. I want to document all of that, and more so, I want you to have tangible evidence of it, to hold on to for years to come. And if nothing else, you'll have a really pretty phone background!

You came here to tell your family's story, and never ever forget it

You came here because you play hard, love harder

You came here to fill the walls of your home with happiness

Real love.
Real fun.

Forget everything you know about traditional family pictures, because we're going to stay far away from that kind of session. No forcing your kids to smile; no pleading with them to just listen- you didn't come here looking for those kinds of photos.

I was born to create- art, babies, lasting friendships and tangible memories. When I'm not laughing & playing with beautiful families, I'm snuggling up for a popcorn movie night with my own family, gardening, daydreaming about having tons of land to roam free, late night binge reading, and possibly having a dance party or two with my babies. 

I'm kellie, michigan raised and always down for some good clean fun!

your search for a photographer ends now

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Photos for families who love to have fun.

I never know how my kids are going to act during a photo session. They have big feelings (and for the most part, they're over the camera). Will one of them have a meltdown, while the other throws mud at me? Let's just skip all of that unnecessary worrying- grab my freebie guide so you can have happy kids during your session!



“My one year old was being stubborn and getting upset. Kellie knew how to warm her up by not only being friendly, funny & kind... but in the middle of it all, Kellie actually got down on the floor and started reading books to her. That's the kind of person & photographer she is. She truly values and cares about her work and clients. She wants the absolute best for them and she gives them that!”

“we were in search of the best family photographer, and we found her!"

Ready to start being in the pictures and stop being the one who takes them?